Solomon Smith and volunteers serve up a soup kitchen in Southwyck House

Brixton People's Kitchen serving hot meals from Southwyck House

Great to see this worthwhile project using the Resident’s Hall in Southwyck House.

Run by Solomon Smith with help from residents and volunteers, the project collects food surplus from local shops and markets and invites folks to  cook together, and welcome everyone to enjoy a delicious meal.

Solomon is reported to be spending up to £600 a month to finance this project, but donations and help are always welcomed.

Check out the Facebook page for more info.


3 responses to “Solomon Smith and volunteers serve up a soup kitchen in Southwyck House

  1. Hi, Just to clarify, Brixton People’s Kitchen isn’t currently involved in Solomon’s project – we are just an enthusiastic supporter that wanted to publicise it more widely!

    We are interested in collaborating though, and perhaps even holding a monthly event at Southwyck House?

    We’re currently building a mobile kitchen that we’ll use to travel serving food surplus to different communities around Brixton, and will be holding one event every week. We’re also looking for people to help – get in touch on brixtonfoodwaste@ if you want to know more.

  2. Thanks Tom – I’ve amended the post title!

  3. Hello, thanks for amending the title! Can we take out the Brixton People’s Kitchen image too? We don’t want to steal the show from Solomon’s Soup Kitchen project. What he does is amazing, credits should go to him :)

    Thank you!

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