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Update on the Brixton Soup Kitchen running from Southwyck House – volunteers needed

Update on the Brixton Soup Kitchen running from Southwyck House

People are amazing! Solomon, a Brixton resident is running a soup kitchen for homeless and vulnerable people from his own pocket.

Please spread the word about his project. If you know anyone that might will like a hot drink or hot food, let them know about the Brixton Soup Kitchen.

He is also looking for volunteers. Give him a call if you are up for it: 07538 419514 or 07528 703709

Southwyck House Community Centre, Moorlands Road SW9 8TT.


Lambeth Housing Standard launches but Southwyck House is right at the back of the queue

Lambeth Housing Standard launches - Southwyck House at the back of the queue

Last week Lambeth launched the LHS (Lambeth Housing Standard), a five year, £450 million improvement programme.

The Lambeth Housing Standard is the standard to which Lambeth Council aims to maintain all of its housing stock, and make a promise to residents that their homes will be warm, safe and dry, in good repair and well maintained.

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Broken lifts and hot water not working in Southwyck House

Broken lifts and hot water not working in Southwyck House
Southwyck House residents have been left angered and greatly frustrated after the weekend saw the complete breakdown of both lifts in the eastern part of the block,  and may households left without hot water.

As of today (Monday 1pm), both lifts are still out of action, something that has caused some distress to the elderly, the infirm and those with young children as there’s a lot of stairs to climb to the top floor.

A notice promised that the lifts will be back online today. If this doesn’t  happen, then we will get on the council in double quick time and report back.

In the meantime – take care up those stairs, folks!

Illegal billboard appears outside Southwyck House


A huge billboard has been illegally erected in front of Southwyck House. The council has already been notified about it, but if you wish to also complain, you can email the planning department here:

Read more about the billboard on

Brixton crime map released

The police have launched a new website which maps crime activity on a map.

Click here to see the recorded crime stats for the area around Southwyck House

Removing the tree outside the Southwyck House community hall

The tree adjacent to the Community Hall is causing a considerable amount of damage to the paving slabs outside, so it has been suggested that the tree be cut back.

Lambeth’s ‘tree section’ has, however, recommended that it would be better if the tree was removed altogether.

Tree section has now filed a section 14 felling notice, which gives members of the public a consultation period to ask for further information or to object to this tree being removed.

This notice will expire on the 10th February 2011. If there are no objections the tree can be removed and repairs then made to the paving.

Southwyck House service charges

Both tenants and leaseholders will have been shocked by recent rises in rent and service charges at Southwyck House.

Although large increases have been reported across many of the estates and properties managed by Lambeth Living, Southwyck House appears to have been singled out for some of the largest increases.

There is a Lambeth-wide campaign in progress to oppose these increases, and many of you will already have responded individually, but it is vitally important that Southwyck House residents present a united front to Lambeth Living against the unjustifiably high increases we are threatened with.

Members of Southwyck House TRA have made representations to Lambeth Living, but we would welcome further experiences, expertise, thoughts and energy from other residents.

If you would like to get involved please contact  the TRA’s Leaseholder Representative Simon Barry at