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Please keep in touch either by coming along in person to the regular TRA meetings, commenting on the website, subscribing to our email newsletter, or even following us on Twitter (@SouthwyckHouse). The more involved you are in your local community, the better that community is.

Next TRA meeting: 20th November 2014, 7.30pm at the Community hall.


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4 responses to “Keep in touch

  1. Hi, I live on Loughborough Park and we are setting up a local housing action group where we can all support each other with housing issues (here’s the link ). We were wondering if there would be any chance of using the Southwyck House community centre for it one evening a month? If I’m in the wrong place to ask this, if you could give me a contact to ask this it would be great! All the best,

  2. A few people from various groups who have been involved in campaigning on housing are getting together on August the 8th 2013 for an organising meeting (sponsored by the lambeth branch of Unite Community) to discuss taking action in lambeth. The regeneration that is going on here seems to be all about driving up property prices rather than making decent homes for local people – we want to organise protests that can put a spotlight on the growing problem of homelessness, extortionate rents, overcrowding etc and put pressure on lambeth to follow Southwark and other councils who are now saying they will borrow to build council housing for the first time in generations.
    The meeting is in Hambrook House, porden road, brixton (just up brixton hill a bit past the town hall)
    Thursday August 8th 6.30pm.

  3. Hi there,

    We are running a lodging scheme on behalf of Lambeth council for residents of Lambeth Living and housing association properties affected by the ‘bedroom tax’. Through the scheme we can assist people in finding lodgers or help to formalise a lodging agreement with someone a resident knows who they’d like to move in.

    If you’d like any more information please feel free to call or email me and if you know anyone who you think may be interested in being a householder we’d appreciate it if you could make them aware of our project, or pass us their details on to us if they are happy with this and we can contact them.

    Many thanks,

    020 7710 0660

  4. Hey,

    I am a local Art student (L.C.C), and doing a investigative project on Brixton which looks at the current social and economical climate of the area in relation to the the period of the Brixton Riots (1981).

    I really want and come and speak with the community and get first hand the challenges and benefits of living in Southwyck House, highlighting both the challenges of increased cost of living and public sector cuts, along with experiences of positivity in the local community.

    It would be great to pop down and speak with both some residents, housing officers and local members of the community, and hopefully bring some political attention through art.

    If anyone would be happy to spend 10 min talking to me and maybe showing me around, that would be amazing, and would be happy to repay the kindness in any way that contributes to the local community.

    Ben Kelly

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