Update on the Brixton Soup Kitchen running from Southwyck House – volunteers needed

Update on the Brixton Soup Kitchen running from Southwyck House

People are amazing! Solomon, a Brixton resident is running a soup kitchen for homeless and vulnerable people from his own pocket.

Please spread the word about his project. If you know anyone that might will like a hot drink or hot food, let them know about the Brixton Soup Kitchen.

He is also looking for volunteers. Give him a call if you are up for it: 07538 419514 or 07528 703709

Southwyck House Community Centre, Moorlands Road SW9 8TT.


Residents inconvenienced as Southwyck House lift broken yet again

Residents inconvenienced as Southwyck House lift broken yet again

The tale of the broken lifts at the eastern end of Southwyck House is turning in to an epic.

Ealirer this year, both lifts were out for a week, causing elderly residents, mums and people with heavy shopping to climb the less-than-salubrious back stairs.

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Solomon Smith and volunteers serve up a soup kitchen in Southwyck House

Brixton People's Kitchen serving hot meals from Southwyck House

Great to see this worthwhile project using the Resident’s Hall in Southwyck House.

Run by Solomon Smith with help from residents and volunteers, the project collects food surplus from local shops and markets and invites folks to  cook together, and welcome everyone to enjoy a delicious meal.

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Lambeth Housing Standard launches but Southwyck House is right at the back of the queue

Lambeth Housing Standard launches - Southwyck House at the back of the queue

Last week Lambeth launched the LHS (Lambeth Housing Standard), a five year, £450 million improvement programme.

The Lambeth Housing Standard is the standard to which Lambeth Council aims to maintain all of its housing stock, and make a promise to residents that their homes will be warm, safe and dry, in good repair and well maintained.

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Broken lifts and hot water not working in Southwyck House

Broken lifts and hot water not working in Southwyck House
Southwyck House residents have been left angered and greatly frustrated after the weekend saw the complete breakdown of both lifts in the eastern part of the block,  and may households left without hot water.

As of today (Monday 1pm), both lifts are still out of action, something that has caused some distress to the elderly, the infirm and those with young children as there’s a lot of stairs to climb to the top floor.

A notice promised that the lifts will be back online today. If this doesn’t  happen, then we will get on the council in double quick time and report back.

In the meantime – take care up those stairs, folks!

Sat 27th October – Halloween at Southwyck House 2012!

Halloween at Southwyck House 2012!

Southwyck House invites you to their Halloween fancy Dress Party!

Come along to Southwyck House Community Hall, Moorland Rd, SW9 8TT, from 4pm – 10pm!

Southwyck House and the Brixton masterplan

Southwyck House and the Brixton masterplan

There are currently big/bad/good plans being proposed for Southwyck House by the council as part of their Brixton Masterplan scheme to redevelop the centre of Brixton.

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